Introducing fa new chicken


Apr 17, 2016
We had four chickens, lost one in a raccoon attack, and just recently decided to get another one. We got one the same age as the others (about ten months old),did an introduction as they free ranged, and put another feeder and waterer in the coop.

And our three regular girls are being relentless! Two of them, the Black Sex Link and the Easter Egger, are being so cruel. We'd read about this but I'm still astounded! Our new one is looking a bit pecked and sad and so we took the Easter Egger, who is the Queen of the Coop, out of the run and let her free range while we put her with the other two in with her. Things are a little clamer, but not completely.

We've been sneaking her into the coop at night and apart from one minor kerfluffle, no problems at night until they wake up and get into the run. Then its an episode of Mean Girls: Chicken edition.

There's been no blood so I'm thinking we just have to let them sort this out, right? But it feels a bit cruel too...
Yep, you're going to have to just let them work it out as long as they're not drawing blood. I've tried sneaking them in at night as I was once told that was "foolproof". The only one fooled was me. Chickens aren't the brightest creatures, and I don't think they can count, but they sure do know when there's a stranger in their coop! Can you give her some hiding places? Lean some plywood against the run wall leaving both ends open so she can't get trapped. Put a pallet or piece of plywood on cement blocks. Anything so she can get out of the line of vision.

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