introducing my chicks to my pullets

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    Aug 20, 2010

    i recently bought 2 six week old chicks and 2 4 month old pullets. the pullets are living in the coop right now and the chicks are living in a horse stall in the barn. I would really like to get them in to the same pen as soon as possible. any suggestions would be great [​IMG]
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    I am pretty much a newbie chicken owner also, but iIcan tell you what worked for me under similar circumstances.

    I had a flock of eight (16-18 week old) chickens --( one rooster), and I wanted to incorporate 8 (6-8 week old) chicks in with the older group. The little guys had been in a brooder in a different bld. I got a large cage ( like large dog crate size)and put the little ones in it in the bigger chickens enclosed run. They could look at each other, but the older hens could not get into the cage, nor could the little ones get out. I gave the chicks in the cage their own water and food supply. The big guys were none too pleased at first, and did try to peck at the little ones inside the cage. I also moved the cage into the coop at night, leaving the little ones in the cage. After 2-3 days and nights of doing this, I divided the big chicken's run with chicken wire fenccing, and made a mini run for the little guys. The bigger guys were still curious, but less so. At night, I still put the little guys in the cage in the coop. After about 3 more days, I got brave, and removed the barrier in the run. There was SOME pecking and chasing, and I don't think the little guys will ever be "top chickens", but they have all come to an agreement, and now the big guys allow the little ones to roost on the lower rungs of the roost at night.

    I plan to use the same system agian in about 6-8 weeks to incorporate my last summer chicks into the flock by the end of fall...
    Hope this info is helpful....[​IMG]

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