Introducing my chicks to our turkey


May 30, 2020
Hello! Please advise: We have 9 chicks, 4 weeks old who have started to feather out. We live in Arizona where it's now HOT so we're thinking about moving our chicks to the coop soonish. We've already got one older chick, 7 weeks (who is just a tad bit bigger than the others now) and a female turkey, who is (obviously) quite a bit larger! We've started introducing to the two "flocks" with a barrier between them in the coop. The turkey is VERY CURIOUS AND SEEMS TO WANT TO JUST GET AT THOSE do I proceed?? Additionally, 1 buff orpington just IS NOT GROWING and today I found her limping about. She has a swollen knee joint but no other obvious injuries (bumble foot, sores, cuts, etc.) and it is not seemingly hot to the touch. No other symptoms and she's eating and drinking as usual but has always been less energetic than the others. Suggestions? Her companions seems to take care of her but I'm afraid the turkey will stomp on her or peck her beyond repair. I so appreciate any help with these complications!


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Mar 20, 2017
I suggest you move the one older chick in with the younger ones, so all the chickens are together. They aren't too far different in age, and the younger ones outnumber the older one, so they will probably be fine (of course, watch them at first--you can separate them again if needed, but I don't think you will need to.) It might help if you give them something else to think about when you introduce her: maybe a clump of sod to pick at.

I would leave the divider up for a while and watch how the turkey acts. You may just have to just keep them separate, or you may be able to let them together in another few days or weeks. It will depend on how the turkey acts, and I don't know what to predict (no personal experience with turkeys, other than eating them.)

I don't know about the Buff Orpington with the problems.

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