Introducing myself

Dec 3, 2018
Hello everyone, my name is Ni'Koda and I have a strong passion for raising animals and plants :D

(1) As of right now I do not raise chickens :hit , I dont have the space and in the city I live in, its illegal to raise chickens. Although I am raising quails

(2) I dont own any chickens yet, I cant wait to add them to my small homestead! Right now I have 4 quails, 2 hens 2 cocks :love

(3) I have one standard coturnix quail, and 3 jumbo coturnix quails

(4) I love raising my quail, as prep for adding chickens to my homestead. So far it has been very rewarding, and I just love getting fresh eggs from my hens everyday (so far):celebrate

(5) My other hobbies include, gardening, fishing, wire wrapping, and herbology:wee

(6) I am a wife to a wonderful air force veteran, and the mother of 2 beautiful girls. I am a stay at home wife/mom, and I raise our garden and quails, hopefully it will develop into a small buisness.:fl
Dec 3, 2018
Welcome to BYC, Ni'Koda!:frow

All of us are happy to have you here, we always have enough room on the BYC roost!

Feel free to ask questions, there are so many wonderful and knowledgeable people who will answer them! :celebrate

Enjoy your time on this amazing site! :woot
Thank you!! Im super excited to learn from all the knowledgeable people here:ya


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Dec 12, 2013
smiley xmas hello.gif

Hi Ni'Koda, it's nice to have you here with us!

When you say one of your hobbies is "wire wrapping" that like in jewelry making? There's at least one member here that I know does that. Her name is @perchie.girl maybe you two can compare notes.

Make yourself at home, it's nice to have you here!

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