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MO Hick Chick
10 Years
Sep 23, 2009
Hi my name is Kristi. I am from missouri. I am very new to owning chickens. I got my first ones in April. (09) I bought them as chicks from the local farm supply. I believe 2 pullets are buff orpington, 2 pullets are white rock, 1 rooster that is buff orpington, and 4 dominique pullets that I got about 6 weeks after the first few. The older ones are just starting to lay. I just ordered some EE fertile eggs from a member of this site and cant wait to see what comes from them.(it will be my first attempt at hatching.)We also own 2 Rouen drakes, 3 californian rabbits and a black lab named Holly. I am 29 and married to a wonderful man who is my best friend, we have two adorable kids Emily, 5 and Dawson 9. I am really enjoying my chickens and so is the kids. My daughter is especially proud of the eggs as they are one of her favorite foods. She is a total tomboy who loves to snuggle on the chickens (cant believe they let her but they do

She loves her chickens so she is very gentle with them. I am looking forward to meeting some of you and enjoying some nice conversations on the message boards. I've already learned alot from you all by reading some earlier posts. I'd love to hear back from you all.
Kristi M

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