Introducing new birds and dealing with a bully


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Jun 29, 2016
Hi I have 5 adult chickens three isa browns and 2 white leghorns I recently purchased 6 more isa browns as chicks the chicks are about 16 weeks old I sectioned off a portion of the run and built a make shift coop for them to slowly start the introduction process about three weeks ago. Today i went for full on integration all the birds are doing well some picking from the adults but very lilttle except for lupe. Lupe is an isa brown that seems bent on killing the lil birds. and by lil I mean 16 wks old. What do i do currently i have placed lupe in the pen the babies were in by herself that seems to be what most say to do but how long? does this work? etc? Lupes behavior seems over the top aggressive like jumping on the lil birds and biting there heads and really givin em hell. The rest of the fighting seems natural and i've tried to intervein as lil as possible. I dont free range due to a large number of hawks and lack of rooster but i do let them run the yard ocasionally throughout the day Thank You for any input!!!!!


Nov 2, 2015
New England
There could be an underpaying issue with her that's she's taking out on the younger ones. I'd recommend looking around the coop to see if there's anything that she could have eaten that's upsetting her or maybe she's not getting something she could be. I've read when hens are being particularly aggressive to new comers it could be something different all together. Your hen could also just have a high stress sensitivity.

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