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    does anyone have a good resource on the best way to do this? I have 4 Buff Orpington Hens and one Rooster I've raised as day olds since the beginning of April. They are all fairly lovely birds, not aggressive and we're thoroughly enjoying them. We plan on introducing two Rhode Island Red hens that are 2 years old and actively laying to our flock. I've read that the best way to introduce them is at night. I'm looking for any and all other suggestions for joining the new ladies to the flock. Also, we were planning on getting rid of the rooster but should I keep it if we plan on continuing to introduce new hens?

    This is our first time raising birds and we want to continue having a great experience.

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    The rooster would most likely keep order while the flock sorts out the new pecking order. I have heard night time is a good time. A lot of people wait til dark and sneak the new kids into the coop while everyone is already asleep. Some people keep the 2 groups separate but where they can see eachother. RIR's tend to be pretty feisty so I'm sure they'll hold their own just fine. Just be sure to introduce them when you have time to keep an eye on them. Things can get ugly pretty quick and make sure you have more than one source for food and water for a while. Sometimes the established flock likes to keep the new members from resources and in the summer, being kept away from the water could be deadly.

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    Thank you! This is super helpful. I'm looking forward to adding the new girls and getting a jump start on fresh eggs. Who ever knew this could be so fun?!
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    What about if there are young hens(2 of them) sitting on eggs in the coop, when they hatch will they need to be separated from the other chickens? There are a total of 5 chickens that share a coop with a large fenced in free ranging area... 2 hens and 1 roo(Sicilian Buttercup/White Silkie mixed 7 1/2 mo. old ~ 1more hen also same age ~ 1 adult White Silkie Roo. They have pretty much all been raised together. Will they kill the chicks or can the moms protect them? Thanks, Julie

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