Introducing new birds?


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Aug 31, 2013
Newville, pennsylvania
How is the best way to introduce my new pullets to there home? I'm purchasing some Rhode Island reds this weekend and want them to be brought in the right way. They will have a coop and a nice big sized 4' fenced yard. Should I take them directly in coop an shut door? Just plop them in the yard?
More information needed. Do you have other chickens? If you do, are you planing to quarantine? If you don' have other chickens then you can plop them in and close the coop door for a few days so they know that is home. If you have a run you can let them out into the run after a day or two, but don't leave them out of the coop/run for a week.
No they are my first birds to the coop. So put them directly I'm the coop?
Just put them in. Might want to hold them in just the coop for more than a day or two with the low fence. Once they imprint on the coop they will return even if they get out.
Well... I'll blame my eyes not seeing it right. Four foot fence with clipped wings you should not have a problem unless they like to tunnel.

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