Introducing new breeds/chicks?


11 Years
Mar 12, 2008
Topanga Ca
How do you do this? My chicks are 6 weeks old. I'd love to get a couple ornamental looking chicks (you guys suggest??) but I"m not quite clear how to add chicks to this little clan of 5 girls? I hear they have to be the same size? Well, little Bantam (sp?) would never be there size right? DO you have to keep them seperate until grown? I'm just loving those Silkies or some wild looking chicken pictures I've seen you guys post.


12 Years
Dec 28, 2007
SW Ont, Canada
Hi,My original birds were 6 large laying hens--a RIR cross. I recently introduced new bantums to the girls--5 hens and a rooster. Mind you these are all full grown. and they are getting along fine. the laying hens are definitely the boss, and they tend to keep separate, but they get along fine-despite the size difference. there is a pecking order that needs to be established, but in my experience--it's a non issue. good luck!

You must wait till full grown before introducing them though. There are posts here on how to introduce new chickens to each other.

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