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    I might be getting some chickens from my grandparents flock soon. I know everything they've been fed, known the chickens since they were babies so I was wondering how I would go about introducing them to my existing flock. Will I still need to isolate them? or is knowing where their from good enough? Thanks in advance for any help
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    If you are quite familiar with how your grandparents keep their birds and are sure the birds don't have any issues, then a long quarantine is not usually necessary. However birds do become immune to their environments. So when you bring in new birds, the new birds are not used to the ground they will be going on and visa versa. And you don't want to endanger your original flock.

    As for mixing in new birds, it is always wise to do this slowly. I like to keep the new birds on the other side of a fence, or if I am only adding one or two birds, keeping them in a large caged area within the flock.This way, the new birds are safe, as the old flock attempts to keep the pecking order in order. They all can see each other, but no one touches. I leave them this way for about 2 weeks.

    This way, there is quarantine time, and the birds all get used to each other. On mixing day, much of the pecking order is worked out, at least the most aggressive portion of it. Generally the mixing goes fairly well. need to stand by that day and watch them throughout that week as well, just to make sure. And always intervene if it turns bloody.

    Good luck with your new flock!
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    Thank you
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    I'll give it a try in a few days

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