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  1. [​IMG] I'm going to get 2 or 3 of my SS's back (they are the same age as th rest) sometime this week or next week. I've got an area to keep 'em seperated, 3 or 4 wks should do it right before I introduce them to flock, and I should do it at night, right? [​IMG] Or keep 'em in a cage for a while till the others get used to 'em? [​IMG]
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    Many people have their favorite ways of doing this. I introduced my newest bird at 'playtime' and

    all went smoothly. You can put them in there at night to though. It would be great if you could put

    them in a see through wire cage and put them in the coop, and let them out to forage in an

    enclosed erea with the others. But you need to be around to watch them. Chickens can be BiG bullys.
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