Introducing new chicks-how long

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by higgdm, Jul 11, 2011.

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    How long before the adult chickens start being nice to the new chicks? I have 5 2-year old hens and recently got 3 baby chicks. Once there were 6 weeks old I put them in an enclosed run right next to the other run so they can see each other. I move the chicklets ( 2 month old now) to the adult run this weekend. Everytime the chicklets even get close to some of the chickens the chase goes on. No real fighting-the chicklets have room to run and I made them a "safe house" that the adults can't get into. Any ideas how long before "acceptance" happens-if ever?

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    Quote:well sounds like its going ok to me and it normally last atleast a week or alittle longer before the chasing stops just give em time and make sure no one is getting pecked on to badly and you should be fine but i wouldt seperate them again because then they have to do the whole introductions again but this is only from wat ive expericened [​IMG]

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