Introducing new chicks to older chicks??


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Mar 1, 2009
Muskogee OK
how do you introduce bantam chicks to standard chicks? they are a week apart in age, and have been in separate brooders, but the same room- one of the banties will hop in with the standard girls- found out he is probably a roo
are the banams younger? cause if they were older, then in my not very educated guess then if the standards were younger, then they would be okay? since the bantams would be bigger? i don't know...
How old are they? Very young still, I'm guessing. Just let them play together and see how they are together. Rescue if necessary and keep trying. Give them plenty of room to get away from one another if they want to.

Good luck!
The sooner you get them together in one place the better. Just make sure they have plenty of room to move around and watch for any bullies. Last year my bantams were raised with some standard chicks that were younger and they got along just fine.
They are probably young enough they will be ok. Try and see how they interact. The sooner you integrate them the better.
ok, i had them together for a few minutes- everyone got along except one of the Orpingtons, who kept pecking at them, so i seperated them again- here are a couple pics from tonite-




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