introducing new guineas to a flock


12 Years
Aug 2, 2010
i have 2 females and a male to start, and i just picked up 5 more guineas
probably same age as the others (a year or so) looks like 3 females and 2 males i think. they are penned with wire in between them for 2 days now, all seems well out there, but i dont dare open the pen all the way and let them together yet. how long should i wait before i do so? i dont plan to free range them yet because these new ones need to know this is home, and i dont want to egg hunt. im not worried about quarantine because i know where they came from. im just wondering how long until i can let them mingle in the pen together?
I'd keep them separated for no less than 2 weeks, and then only let them mingle a little while you are there to supervise, then separate them again. If everything goes well you can work up to longer and longer periods of time. You may need to break up scuffles, especially since it is breeding season and everybody had raging hormones, and so if there's any bloodshed I'd separate everybody immediately and treat the woulds. You may need to separate any injured birds by them selves to keep the others from pecking at the injuries, possibly to the point of killing the injured bird or birds.
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ok, now I have a new challenge. I was looking for the introduction section and found your post. OH JOY> I have to introduce 15+ to a established group of 5. hmmm I am thinking this is going to be a challenge... I just can't wait
my 5 are original ones that have been here over a year. I have hatched 30 and have 32 in the bator. I don't plan on keeping all of them this year.
or i promised hubby i wouldn't keep them all..
so mine new ones are 3-9 weeks old... any advice is welcome
I have successfully integrate large numbers of young birds into existing flocks with minimal issues. I put them thru an introduction period where they get to know each other for at least several weeks before turning them all lose together, and made sure the younger birds had places to hide but not get trapped behind. Extra feeders and waters are always a good idea too, so even the low birds in the pecking order get enough to eat and drink.
Thanks, and you should be helping my situation since you played such a huge part in my addiction
teehhee. I will work on them in a few weeks and then I will let you know how it goes.
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