Introducing new hens and preventing disease


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Apr 19, 2011
What precautions (if any) do you take when you introduce new hens or pullets to your flock? Well, I guess not a flock... I only have 1 chicken lol. She is a docile sweet silkie pullet.

Do you put them on medicated feed or treat them prophylactically with antibiotics? I have Gallimycin, Sulmet, and Wazine on hand. Also, I had a few sick chickens pass away - vet confirmed a gram negative bacterial infection. I have since moved the chicken tractor, thoroughly disinfected everything, and treated my remaining hen. Anything else I should do?
Read that it was a 30 day confinement.You could treat for 2 weeks and then add. I added my roo after just a week and soon after 2 hens became ill.They recovered.The roo was never ill.

Wishing them all good heath.

If space is an isue you could confine your 1 hen, and put the newbies in the trator/coop. I have a rabbit cage and dog crate for chickens I need to isolate.

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