introducing new hens ? tips?

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    Jul 13, 2010
    I have 3 hens (actually 1 is still a pullet) and someone just gave me 3 more laying hens. They are all about the same age (10 mos). What is the best way to introduce them ? I know your meant to keep the new hens in the co-op for a few days so they know its home but do I keep all 6 hens in? If I let the older girls out during the day they won't be able to get back in to lay... Right now I have all 6 inside the co-op . but I just got them last night.
    thanks for suggestions- [​IMG][​IMG]

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    Jul 28, 2010
    I find letting old and new birds interact through a mesh for a while makes their eventual mixing easier.
  3. Sounds like you bypassed the quarrentine rule alltogether, so now, what`s the question? If you have them all in the coop, are they fighting for pecking order, or are they getting along? Watch for blood. If anyone is bleeding, she will have to be penned alone until she heals. Other than that, keep them cooped up for a couple days and let`m go..........Pop
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    The best way to do this - is to wait until late at night when they are asleep. Funny thing about chickens - if they wake up in the morning with more than they went to bed with - they can't figure it out.

    Now that they are together - they will need to work out the pecking order. It's important that they have lots of space. If they are too confined someone will get hurt. They need space to run away. Its OK to let them have the run - but not free range just yet.

    Give it a couple of days & then you can let them out of the run too.

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