Introducing new hens to the coup

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    Hi everyone,

    I have two chickens, we did have three until a couple of weeks ago when one called Miss Marple sadly passed away.

    The existing two were rescued from a chicken 'Battery' farm. We have had them for nearly two years now and they have a wonderful life with us.

    Yesterday we decided to visit a chicken centre with a view to 'just' looking at what they had. Naturally we ended up coming home with two!

    When I explained we already had two, and asked how best to integrate them the nice lady said "just put them straight in with your existing two."

    Well this was yesterday evening, it's not going well! Now Tallulah has always been top hen, she was not bothered about them to start with, Roxy the other existing hen was really not impressed, she has not shut up, constantly shouting at the top of her voice. Tallulah eventually decided to show her dominance and gave the two new ones a good telling with shouting and grabbing hold of them. This is when Roxy decides to strike. So its two on one. This went on for the majority of the evening. Tallulah and Roxy eventually went to bed in the coup which is very dark at night time.

    I then had to catch the two new ones and put them in the coup. I checked on them after ten minutes and they were all huddled together which looked sweet. This morning I opened the coup, as soon as they saw daylight all hell broke loose again.
    I know they have to establish the pecking order so to speak, but how long will this go on for?! The two new hens offer no resistance and don't fight back. I just don't like it when its two on one.

    They are all hybrids and roughly the same size.

    Thanks everyone
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