Introducing New Hens


10 Years
Feb 25, 2009
Two five-month-old bantams who have known each other from birth have been living together, just the two of them, for the past two months. Now, however, it turns out that one of them (Pythagorus) is a rooster and because of this he has to go. This leaves the other bantam (Honey) alone. How important is it for her to have another chicken for company? I'm guessing very important, but still asking just in case it's not so much of a problem. What would be the best way to get another hen or two living with Honey without fights? Any suggestions on preferable age and breed of hen to choose? Would it be okay to get an actual chicken even though Honey is a bantam?

And does anyone live in NZ and want a rooster?


10 Years
Apr 22, 2009
Bellevue, Nebraska
that's a dilemma. Sorry to hear you have to get rid of one. We got 3 Buff Orps and one is a roo so I am thankful we still have two girls. We have to send our Roo to a farm.

I hope you can find yours a home too.

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