Introducing new roo to run


9 Years
May 4, 2010
West Cork, Ireland
Have lav araucana chicks which will run with my adult hybrids next year. Also, want an unrelated roo, so thought that introducing an adult first, before 4 month old pullets would ease the hybrids in a bit. I can get one, but how exactly do I introduce them? In the morning? At night? I can't segregate them in the other coop as it has my chicks in... should I crate him in the run for a few days? Or just let him in and see what happens? Am planning on getting one of last year's hatched roos, so will actually be a little older than my hybrids (they only started laying about a month ago, so are about 5/6 months old)


10 Years
May 13, 2009
put Him in and see what happens. Sometimes they dont bother them at all. sometimes they fight. Every times different. for me i put mine in at night and i try to keep a close eye out in the morning

. But i once put a bantam roo in and they picked on him bad. so i put him in a caige in the middle of th coop and after 3-4 days he was fine with them

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