Introducing new turkeys


10 Years
Apr 23, 2009
laguna hills CA
I will be getting several Narraggansett hens for my Young Narri Tom. He is approaching 6 months old, is huge and is very alpha even with older toms but gentle. How is he likely to react to 3 month old hens if they are put in a new "neutral" pen together? He is 25# plus and still growing. Doubt the hens will be much larger than 5 or 6#. He is a gentlemen with ladies his own age.
Thanks for posting this question... I'll be introducing two 3 - 4 month old BR hens to an older tom in a couple of weeks (as soon as the new coop is built!). Hope you'll let us know how the transition goes.

And thanks, Steve, for your reply. It's good to know that all "should" go well. In addition to keeping an eye on my turks, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed!
In general my introductions have been uneventful but I have always stacked the odds in my favor by having plenty of room, good temperaments on my birds,similar age and size etc.. This makes me more nervous because the Tom is huge, very alpha and could mortally wound the much smaller turkeys intended to form the nucleus of his flock if for some reason he wanted to. He currently lives with 5 other toms and 2 hens, none narris. He has never hurt them but is clearly boss. Probably will be smooth and easy. Will post a followup eventually.

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