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13 Years
Sep 22, 2009
Iron Ridge WI
Today I got two more hens. That makes five total. 2 boys and 3 girls. I know, not the best numbers, but it's what I can do until spring. So after the girls month of QT, what is everyone's best way to introduce them. They are now in seperate pens, but can see each other. The two new ones are an A&M and Brown. The three I have are english whites, so can you say huge size difference. My pen is 2x5, so enough room for everyone. Have already thought of ways to make "hiding" places for everyone. The two new girls are really mellow in comparision to the other three. So just wondering how to do this when the time comes. Thanks
You may have to have them separated. The size difference can have someone beat up. You can try having little 30 minute at a time interval of interaction with each other. They may get a long but it may be like putting a "nerd" in with the football players.
Having them in a separate pen close enough to the others that they can see them is not quarantining. You might as well have put them all together. I wouldn't keep less than 3 females with 1 male, I would suggest that you pick which of the boys you like the best and just keep that one. Or get some more girls
They are not that close.
I think that I will put them in with the lonely male first and then see how they are with him, after that maybe intergrate them all. I guess I will have to play it by ear. Getting more girls really isn't something I can do right now. Unless someone has 1 or 2, I can't build another pen until spring. Also there really isn't anyone by me that breeds or sells coturnix, so I would have to pay for shipping then too. Worse case, I leave them seperate until I can build a bigger pen. I just thought someone had a trick to make it easier. Thanks

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