Introducing same age chick


6 Years
Aug 7, 2013
Western Massachusetts
So I'm just wondering. If I were to introduce a single same age chick to my flock of 6 week olds.... Would it be at all helpful to take one of my calmer less aggressive chicks out and introduce the two of them before putting them both back with the flock (would be a total of 5 chicks - including a new one). And if this is a good idea how long would be helpful without the flock forgetting the chick I remove to be a buddy.

Not at all sure I am wanting the stress of trying to introduce another chick but just exploring options. I don't really have a set up that I can separate them in the same run. Would need to completely separate back into my brooder pen.
You need to quarantine the new one for a month completely away from the flock. When you do introduce them the thing that works best for me is a wire cage in the coop at night and plastic netting separating them in the yard for a day. You will have a few pecking order tiffs that will go on no matter what but if you slowly introduce them like this it should reduce if not eliminate bulling. It also depends on the temperament of you existing flock, do you already have a bully that you worry about? If not, you don't have much to worry about.
Most things come from the ground and "visitors". Anyone that steps foot on his farm without proper bio-security measures can bring problems that their flock has. Also rats and birds just flying over can bring a problem. Not all vaccines take on all birds, they have the same fail rates as the ones for humans do. The way you can tell about the bio-security is by where he allows you and what he does with his shoes. Does he ever let you within 50' of his breeding pens? Does he wear the same shoes around all of his propriety without shoe covers or bathing the shoes? Does he touch one pen then go to another without washing/changing(shoe cover) hands or shoes? All of these are bad bio-security practices. Time after time there are people posting on here about getting their entire flock sick when they got a new bird from the same breeder as before so they didn't quarantine.

Even with the best bio-security in place if those birds ever breath fresh air or see sunlight there are things that are simply out of the breeders control. Wet and dry fowl pox is spread by a mosquito bite, lice from a wild bird flying over the propriety, and cocci from the ground or any infected bird in a neighbors yard he never knew about. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Buy 2 from him so they won't be lonely while in quarantine.

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