Introducing Standard Cochins and Bantam Cochins


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9 Years
Oct 4, 2010
Ok I am VERY new to chickens haha... I have had my 4 (now 10 weeks old) standard Cochin hens for about a month now. They have adjusted great no fighting eating well and healthy. Well I wanted to add 2 more girls to my little group around the same age before they start laying in the early spring to get everyone adjusted at the same time. Well I found an ad for (1o week old Cochin bantams and read up on them). There are a lot of people who say that standard and bantams can live happily together, some introduce them slowly and some just throw them in the group right away. so I got them thinking I would put them in a small dog crate in the coop and allow then standard and bantams to introduce themselves slowly. After 3 days I decided to see if they were ready to be introduced to each other seeing how there was no longer any pecking battle going on between the cage. Well needless to say it did not go so well. 2 of the standard cochins did not care a lick about the bantams being out but oh my the other two were bullies. I am so scared that they will team up on one and really hurt it. I put them back in the crate for the night and probably a few more days and then try again but I am really confused on how to do this. do I just let them work it out and chance one being hurt or over time will they learn each other more through the crate. I just hate having them out in the cold. I cover the crate with a blanket at night to keep the wind off of them but I would be a lot happier when they sleep in the nesting boxes. Please help any or all suggestions are much appreciated thanks! Sorry So long.

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