Introducing Sylvia and her pals

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  1. We got the poultry bug this year and ordered chicks. While at the feed store getting supplies for our chicks they just happened to have ducklings and we had to take some home with us. Two days later my DH comes home with the two remaining birds from the store order including a Blue Swede. I've only named the Swede. Meet Sylvia and her buddies. They are 2 1/2 weeks old.


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    They're all adorable! Congratulations! [​IMG] [​IMG] Its so hard to resist, huh? Enjoy the sweet duckies!! [​IMG]
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    The first thing that came to my mind was "I didn't think it was possible for ducklings to still be in the store after 2.5weeks!!" lol, usually someone falls in love and takes them home within days, usually hours of arrival!

    Sylvia is a cutie pie! I miss my swede & mutt duckies!
  4. Yup, the ducks and chicks don't last long there. We actually got the ducks 1 1/2 weeks ago except Sylvia and one of the Pekins who came home last Friday. I'm afraid to go back to the store this weekend since we know they are getting more ducks and I'd really like Sylvia to have another Blue Swede to hang out with.[​IMG]

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