Introducing the chicks - slowly

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Zenbirder, Apr 12, 2009.

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    I have 17 two year olds and 25 eight week olds. It sure will be nice eventually to be able to put the little ones in the coop at night! Both groups have been able to see each other often for the last six weeks, I put the chicks in a separate pen outdoors as the weather has allowed. I started about two weeks ago selecting one hen at a time and putting them in with the chicks under supervision, no problems. The last two days, with rather cold weather and bad winds, I have let the chicks out to mingle with the hens for short periods of time. So far, so good. I will work up to free ranging all the chickens together, but the chicks are a bit small yet to be completely out on their own yet in my opinion.

    Here is little EE boy Noah looking adoringly at RIR Janet:


    BO Alison is outnumbered!


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    Your birds look great.[​IMG]
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    Cute pics!
    I'll be adding in some of my 18 chicks to my older group of 7 birds. (2 of them are Ameraucana roos I hatched 12 weeks ago, and five are 1 year old hens.) I like how you are integrating them into your flock.

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