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6 Years
Apr 17, 2013
Hello Everyone!
We have visited this site many, many times over the past year and almost every time we have found answers to our question, or dilemma. Thank you all.
We are the Funny Farm, located in Mid-Michigan. We have just recently made it through our first full year of raising chicken. We started a year ago with 16 and currently have about 150. We love our chickens!!! "They are like potato chips, you can never just stop after one". We also have 2 Jersey/Fresian bulls, 14 Pekin ducks, 8 rabbits, 4 dogs (one includes 3 pups), 3 cats, and 2 tree frogs. Did I mention our 7 kids?
We are excited to join in on all the chicken chatter and loads of information here and hope that we may be of help to some of you.
Happy clucking!

Question (redirect me if needed)
I was given a breeding pair of Mille Fleur Bearded Belgium D'Uccles last summer. Our hen went broody within a couple weeks of bringing them home. Only 3 of her 11 eggs hatched. All roos. What has baffled me is that two of those roos are pure white, beardless and have wattles. They are gorgeous boys but how did I get two all white from my Mille Fleur pair? Could it be that one or both of my pair are not pure D'Uccle and maybe crossed with a Booted Bantam? We have successfully incubated/hatched approx. 30 this year and not one of them has been all white. Any ideas?
Welcome to BYC! Wow, sounds like you have a lot going on there! I agree about chickens being like potato chips. In fact I said just that to a coworker a few days ago. I had plans of raising a few chickens, maybe 15 or so, and now I have 42 chicks!
Maybe the hen had a visit from a different breed rooster before she came to you. I believe after a mating, that it takes three weeks or so for the rooster's "contribution,' to clear.
Thank you. I didn't realize that. Always learning things on here. I don't remember him having any white chickens though. Maybe the cross just cancelled out colors.?.
However they came about, they are gorgeous! I will post pics tomorrow. They have beautiful boots and are a glowing white. Now this is just my personal opinion, I know nothing about show standards.

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