Introducing to flock -feed??


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How does everyone get around the feed issue when the chicks introduced are on starter or grower and the rest of the hen house is on layer? Does it matter if they eat each others?

My Polish chicks are 6 weeks now and I switched them to grower this week (yikes, I need to switch them back!? What was I thinking?!) I could keep them in the house for another 2 weeks until they are on grower then introduce them. Being Canada and fall I think I may put a heat bulb in the hen house to take the chill off?

My Buff laced look a bit laced, but not much? And with White crests? It will be interesting to see how they turn out. One of my WCB has a great crest! See pics...

We have Maple and Tina (Turner), Phyllis, Dandelion,....



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Aww, they are cute! As for the feed question, I don't introduce young ones until they are ready to be on the same feed. They are housed separately in grow out coops until then. I find this works well for me. If you have to introduce them, put them all on a flockraiser feed and provide oyster shells separately for the hens, who will grab up what they need.



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6 weeks is the right time for grow mash. You did good.
We are kind of in the same predicament, the 6 week old chicks are in a seperate brooder in thehen house so they get to know each other. They integrate ok, no pecking or bullying, but the babies can't find their way back up to the food. So, we are back at square one.

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