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  1. Last week, I posted that I had gotten three 16wk old Araucana hens. All week, they've been in the chicken tractor butting up to the chunnel, so Bo and the Production Reds (4 hens total) could get to know them. The Ara's are a little smaller than the other 4, but not much. Last night about an hour before roost time, I put them all in the chunnel, and put a roost at the end of the chunnel (it's 50' long) where the tractor sits. The regular roost is at the other end.

    The introduction went well, and there weren't really any big squabbles last night.

    This morning, however, the Ara's are huddled in the corner and the others are occasionally going over and picking on them. One peck on the back, not continuous, but I feel really sorry for the Ara's. First they had to get used to me and now this.

    Will they figure it out in the next day or so, or do you think this behavior will continue for longer than that? I really don't want to have my Ara's spend their lives huddled in the corner, afraid of me and the other hens.

    I'm particularly concerned because I'm going out of town for the weekend and the tractor is not nearly as protected from predators as the chunnel, so I don't want to move the Ara's back to the tractor and then go out of town.

    I never knew that raising chickens was going to be so fretful! Were our grandmothers just more easy-going than us, or are we just more sensitive to small issues than they were back then?
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    I say if there is no blood leave them all together as they will figure out who is who and peace to the chicken world will return. It will probably take about 2-3 days for the head in corner thing to stop and about 2 weeks for full integration.

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