introducing 'wet' foods (veggies etc) to incubator hatched chicks

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    Dec 8, 2012
    when can i introduce 'wet' foods to my shcnitzels (four meatie pullets living in my son's old room)? they are covered with feathers so hopefully we will move them next week to be in an enclosure with our thai fowls in an old coop in an other village. there, they get layer feed , veggie leftovers from the kibbutz hotel, and leftover rice and bread from hubby's restaraunt where he works. so i have to get them used to this food. up til now they have been getting chick feed (not pellets, its the mixed grains and stuff that is sold here, 19 %protein)... so i can start to shift them over, or keep them on that for a while longer (we will separate them from the thais or they will be killed with one kick from one of the 'guys' (the girls are all brooding).

    when can i start our thai chicks (three weeks old) on 'wet' food.? or is it better(and cleaner) to keep them on chick feed until they move out to the enclosed salon mini room (more space, easier to clean)?
    they are getting grit and chick feed, hubby has put cabbage leaves in but i remove them since it is difficult to clean this brooder (actually a huge carton like for tv's, with heating, etc.)...

    i just bought a 25 kilo bag of chick feed so i have enough, but want them to develop their digestive systems to what they will eat in the future.
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    They can have "wet" food at any time. Chop it in small pieces, until they get used to handling it. If they had a broody mother hen they would have been introduced to grass and such from the start. By giving them grit, you have the only problem chicks raised in a brooder have with non ground grains and greens.

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