Introducing young pullets with one hen

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by chooksr5, Feb 18, 2015.

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    I have one hen Betty who is a year old, she has had the run of the yard and hangs out with the dog all day, i swear she thinks she is a dog. PROBLEM I have bought 2 x 22 week old pullets and Betty has a major issue with the new additions. I currently have them seperated in in the same copp but where and when should i attempt to try and introduce them.

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    Are they just separated by a fence, where they can look but not touch? Some people do it this way to get the chickens used to one another, and hopefully lessen the severity of pecking order disputes. It may or may not help. No matter when you put them together, Betty is going to be upset because chickens are territorial and they hate change. Newcomers cause problems in both these areas. There will be squabbles until they have their pecking order sorted out and then peace will once again reign within the coop.
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    If your looking for information,I have some accurate information.

    A method that works is,treats.Allow all birds to be together.Once releasing the birds in the pen,be sure to give them treats,spreaded out.

    If you plan, on leaving them in the pen witj betty,be sure to stay there.The pullets can team up and beat Betty up.Stop any fights as soon as they begin.If Betty decides to try to attack a pullet,let her.Unless she gets too rough,it is needed to stop her.As they become more social,pecking order is soon to lay out.DO NOT disturb any of that subject what so ever.

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