Introducing youngins to adults :)

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7 Years
May 8, 2012
Puyallup Wa.
I Have 5 Bantam adults and 6 baby full size chickens(2 weeks old). When is the best introduction age for these little ones?
My adults are 1 Rooster 4 hens. Just wondering if introduction is different because of breed size. My Bantams are very docile sweet birds.
I don't introduce youngsters before they are about 2 months old, or older if I can keep them separate without hassle. Mom and chick teams get introduced sooner. But I must add, I have a large flock of hens and they can get vicious.
I think with your chicks being a larger breed, you can probably introduce them without hassle when they are, say, half the size as your bantams.

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