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Sep 28, 2009
Hi! My name is Lawana Wilson. I have kinda been an entrepreneur all my life. MFather bought/sold antique collectibles all his life. He just passed away May 20th of this year. Just this last weekend I had an Estate Yardsale for his things.

I started selling Mary Kay about 2 and 1/2 years ago ( I recently stated a Hatchery with someone I went to school with ( I have a BA in psychology and corrections and juvenile services, a MA in Community Counseling and started a MA in Mental Health Counseling. My goal is to be about to support myself and my two children by being an entrepreneur. So far I have managed to do that for a year. I also do some free lance things on the side. I have the aptitude to be a manager. The last few jobs I had I worked my schedule, my car was my office, and I managed very well. I actually built the entire program at my last position. It ended because of funding.

I am very good at marketing and networking but am always looking for some new ideas/strategies.

Below is the current ad for the Hatchery:
We are now taking pre-orders for chicks hatching on Sept. 27 and October 2. These are "barnyard chickens" and will be a mix (hybridization) of heavy breed brown egg layers. They have Americauna, Rhode Island Red, White Plymouth Rock, Black Stars, and Gold Comet in them. It is possible that you might get a pure breed. What you will get is a good, cold hardy, large brown egg layer (maybe some creams) that max out at about 8 pounds. These are sold straight run only. Keep the hens for the eggs, and the roosters for their personality. They really do make good pets and are beautiful on the front lawn in the sunshine.
So as to not count the chicks before they hatch, the max you can reserve is six (6). If there are more left over and not spoken for, you may purchase as many as you wish.
Call 859-247-1330 for more information or send an email to [email protected].

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