Introduction to my crazy flock


Jun 5, 2020
My name is Julia and I am originally from Germany and grew up in a large city. Therefore, I never had chickens nor any farm animals. I never even had a dog.
Now, we have a dog (choc. lab), two guinea pigs, 4 ducks (two Peking, two black runners) and 10 chickens (7weeks old as of today). Oh well, and a ton of fish.
We live in a small rural beach community in Northern California and since the pandemic, we got busy in the yard. We build a chicken coop and a duck pen that are both connected with a run. First we got 7 chickens, 4 black sex links, Dominique, Olive Egger, and Creme Legbar. They are all happy and actually get to run around in the yard all day until they turn in the run about 5/6pm and finally into their coop/pen around 7/8pm.
We also have three younger chickens (5 weeks old), Silver Speckled Hamburg, Ameraucana, and a Blue Cuckoo Maran. These are currently still in our garage and we are trying to integrate them with the others, which seems to be a challenge.

We started getting into chickens because we wanted fresh eggs and a new challenge. Our kids are all grown up, so I needed new kids :)

We are still pretty new at this and I have a million questions. I found this forum during my research period before we got the baby chicks. There is a lot of information on the internet. A lot of it is confusing, however, I found this forum informative and helpful. Eventually, I hope will be able to contribute as I become more of an expert on what I am doing. Until then, I will have to be the one asking questions and relying on all of your helpful suggestions and answers.
Thank you,

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