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Jul 15, 2016
HI everyone I am new to Back Yard Chickens and wanted to introduce myself. My family and I are also new to raising chickens. I never really even thought about it until we had a recent trip to Colorado to visit the family. My in-laws had a nice piece of property and had been raising chickens. My son and daughter feel in love with them immediately and helped grandma feed, water and clean. The were also happy to let them in and out of the coop everyday. After my wife and I discussed and we check ordinances within our community we decided to try it ourselves.

We can have 6 chickens. I have scoped out an area in the back for a coop and a run. Roughly 90 sq feet. I am looking for a design for an easy to build coop with a slant roof. I have been researching the pages on this website and have gotten a lot of great ideas. I just haven's found the ideal one yet.

I look forward to interacting with everyone.



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