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Jun 14, 2022
Hi, I got my first chickens, Muscovy Ducks and Guinea Fowl this year and have quickly become obsessed with their wonderful personalities and well, everything about them. So far I've ventured (by accident) into Araucanas, Pekins and Belgian D'uccles. Most are still fairly young although my last purchase was 6-8 month old Belgian hens and a rooster. My Muscovy ducks have just started to lay eggs and I've started my first incubation of a handful these (until I work out what I'm doing!). I've also got an order of a dozen Aracauna eggs arriving today or tomorrow so they'll go in my second incubator as none of my hens are broody yet. I've already had to experience wry neck in two chicks (after a few weeks of Vit E and lots of support they're fine now), occidiosis (I've no idea how that's spelt) with two (also fine) and CRD in three (I didn't recognise what it was until too late :-( I was treating for occidiosis). So it's been an eventful happy and sad few months already...

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