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    Apr 8, 2007
    Kennesaw, GA
    We have three cochin bantams in a 8 ft enclosed wire aviary, hectogon shaped. We do let them out of course to free range, under out watch so the hawk won't get them. Erk!

    We love out girls they've brought so much joy to us. They make us breakfast, they're easy to talk to, and its fun to watch them shake their fluffy bums all around the place.

    Mom and I love them so much we were starting to think about more. It's almot april and we remembered having chicks in our house, being kept warm by a heat lamp, how tiny they were how adorable and how much fun it was to bring them us as chicks and watch them grow.

    We only live in a small area and we don't want fifty billion chicks, not until we win the lottery and get that big farm we want haha, but we were wondering if we could possibly introduce two more, prefferably frizzle bantams.

    We understand we need to quarentine them for a while but what happens if our girls won't accept new arrivals? Do we have enough room, they're tiny birds would adding two more cramp them?
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    Welcome, Lipkis.

    What is the measurement of the enclosure you want to add the new chickens to?

    It is best to figure 4 sq ft per bird for their housing. Adding a large run or free ranging helps them to get away from one another and prevents those aweful picking and feather plucking problems.

    Good luck. I hope you find the new chickens you are looking for.

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