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6 Years
Jul 6, 2013
Anchorage, AK
So I introduced three new girls to my flock of 4. Put them nearby with fencing in between for a few days with no obvious concerns, then slipped them in the coop when the girls were asleep. I've seen nor heard any fighting, but the new girls aren't leaving the coop. To be fair that is where food and water is, but since the garden has been winterized they all have free ranging right now over a large area. I can pick them up and put them outside, but they take a quick look around then dart back inside. They also are not laying. I'm assuming they are stressed. Ideas on making them happier?
Maybe just give them a few more days?

Or maybe you could move the food and water outside, during the day. That might encourage them to go out, at least to get to the food.

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