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10 Years
Aug 27, 2009
So I really really hate people who dump off their animals because they are irresponsible. A somewhat family member has dumped off two cats out here. Soon to be a third. We have quite a few barn/stray/whatever cats the way it is. I don't need other random cats coming in here that could be exposed to gosh only knows. Plus to just drive up and drop them? These 3 are all boys. Not fixed. No shots. Never wormed I'm sure. 5-6 months old. This is all because someone didn't wanna get their cat spayed. So now they are cleaning house. I ain't going to say that all of my cats out here are fixed and vaccinated and what not but to be dumping your cats on someone else because you are to irresponsible to take care of them and fix the problem?! All the kittens that are born out here are found good homes. I take very good care of all of my animals. I do what I can. But I don't need people adding to my responsibilities. Also just to note that if I wouldn't take them...well you can just imagine. At least here I can try and place them or at the least they can live out their lives being fed and what not. I I don't even know how to say what I am feeling and thinking right now. There could be so many issues with these cats...sickness...they could maybe like to eat birds (my chickens, ducks, or whatever) I know nothing really other than what I have already said. They are litter trained and super friendly I guess. It just really bothers me. I'm that moron that can't turn anything away if I'm the last option. Sometimes the animals eat better than I do. It just irritates me that people take advantage of that!

ETA: The female is apparently also pregnant again. They don't want those either. So they have been told that if they are planning on dropping them here they need to do it when they are younger verus bringing me full grown cats which are harder to place.
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I know exactly how you feel. I have a close family member who is just like that, totally irresponsible. I usually try to take them before she dumps them off somewhere else. In the last year I have had two pregnant females left here not by that family member but by other irresponsible people luckily I was able to get the kittens shots and find good homes plus got the females spayed. Now I have another pregnant female who has came here in the past two weeks so I will have to do the same with her. It just seems like it never ends and I guess it never will untill all people start caring more.
I would just like to add that I had set a time with this person for today at 10 AM. I got a phone call at 10:15 AM saying that the irresponsible owner was running a little late. Yea well its 1:30 PM and I haven't heard a thing. I am sitting here all day waiting...and waiting! What is wrong with people....I'm biting my tongue so hard right now. I am so glad this person isn't directly related to me or my fiance...I think this may end up ugly.
As you say, at least at your place they will get treated well. I sure hope after this next litter is born they dont end up with the mother cat pregnant again. You are a genuinely good person for doing what you do.
supposedly they are gettin her fixed after this...Oh and it is 5:15 PM and I have heard nothing. I've been sitting at home all day waiting to hear/see them nothing...Needless to say I am really p!$$*&.
Currently have 3 cats that where dumped, and my other 6 are descended from dumps/strays. So I feel your pain, but I might tell them that it is illegal to dump any animal. (hint, hint to them)
I understand what you're saying.
The people dumping them on you need to know as well! Enough is enough, and that THEY need to take care of their own animals. They shouldn't get any animals, if they won't take care of them themselves! I wonder what they'd do if the didn't have you to dump them on?
Some people just make you so mad.

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