Is a coop necessary in Florida?

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Mys Teri

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May 15, 2016
I have a pretty well built run, completely enclosed with 1/2 hardware cloth on all sides including top and bottom, with panels over part of the top to keep out the rain. While I was away for a week, apparently the roost inside the coop fell, and now no amount of bribery will convince my chickens to roost in there again. They roosted on top of the coop for a while, and now roost on a pole my husband put up so the coop roof would not turn into a poop roof. :p They don't use the coop at all now, and I'm considering removing it from the run, cleaning it really well, and using it for quail.

If I do that, I plan to build some new nesting boxes, and maybe put some boards up on 2 sides around their roosting pole for additional weather/predator protection. (The pole is set diagonally in the corner of the run, so I would enclose the two upper walls of the run, while leaving the third side and bottom of the triangle open into the run). Is this sort of partially open set up sufficient for Florida? We never have snow, and rarely have temperatures below 50 degrees.

Anyone have suggestions for materials for the walls? I was thinking plywood, but I know it will warp eventually, and might rot.

I'm also toying with the idea of throwing a poop chute under their roost.

What are your thoughts?
Ooh, good point. Thanks Junebuggena.

Hmm, I could enclose all three sides of the triangle, add an attached roof, but leave the bottom open so they can fly up into it.... Maybe add some lower poles so they have a way to hop up.
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