Is a deformed toe a disqualification?

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  1. Im wondering. I would like to enter one of my chickens in the fair next year but she doesnt have a nail on one of her toes. Would that make her disqualified or what? Thanks

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    probably not disqualified but that would probably be the difference between first and second place
  3. Quote:In the Silkie world, a missing toenail only counts for one point. A COMPLETELY deformed toe, is a DQ I believe.
  4. Thank you. Its not really that bad. Just a missing nail.

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    I've heard that missing toenails are a DQ but its rare that a judge notices
  6. Quote:Thats not true. Like I said, a missing toe nail on a Silkie only counts for one point. Probably the same with other bantam breeds as well.
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    Here it is straight out of the American Standard of Perfection 1998

    General disqualifications

    Shanks and Toes
    1. Bow leeg
    2. Deformed foot and joints.
    3. Duck foot
    4. Enlarged or mishapend shank or hock
    5. Knock Knee
    6. Web foot (land fowl)
    b. four toed breeds
    1. More or less than 4 toes.
    c. Five toed breeds.
    1. More or less than 5 toes.
    d. Old English, Dutch, and Sumatra Cocks
    1. absence of Spurs
    e. Clean legged breeds
    1. Presence of , or unmistakable evidence of the removal of any down, stub, feather or part of feather from shank below the hock joint, or foot or toe.
    f. Feather-legged breeds
    1. Shanks not feathered down outer sides.

    That are all the disqualifications noted under this section.

    And further validation under general point deductions.
    Shanks and Toes
    3. Missing toe nail 1 point.

    Thats all folks, continue to discuss if you must , but thats what the book says.

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    I checked the show book and it is only a fault for a missing toe nail, not a dq
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    Ditto! mine said the same thing!

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