is activew dry yeast the same as brewers?


10 Years
May 21, 2009
Texas Hill Country!
Is this the same and ok to give to the ducklings? I am trying to help improve this little duckling, he is perking up a little but he probably needs this he is not growing as fast as the others. THANKS!! I am a posting nut today on here..trying to help this little baby!!
Brewers yeast and baker's yeast are not the same thing. Brewer's yeast is used more for the vitamins in it that the fungal properties (rising). I would fear that plain yeast might hurt the stomach because it creates gas.
Yes, if HEB doesn't have it in the vitamins/pharmacy area I'd be amazed! I know Sun Harvest and Whole Foods carry it, even in the Bulk Foods areas.
thanks! .....
I will have to go into town again tomorrow... downside to living in the country!

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