Is Algae Bloom Toxic to Chickens?


8 Years
Mar 30, 2011
I just found out there was a terrible algae bloom here in Utah while I was on vacation, and my animal babysitter had let my chickens outside... If they drank water with algae bloom in it (cyanobacteria), could that be the reason 2 died? I have read it can be toxic to dogs and cats, but I don't know about chickens?
It definitely could if the cyanobacteria is producing toxins... but just being outside wouldn't be enough to harm your chickens... they'd have to have direct access to the contaminated water... are you that close to the lake or river?
The algae bloom got into the Jordan River, which is the source of irrigation water for hundreds of farmers throughout Salt Lake City, and I am one of them. My chickens may have drunk some while I was on vacation. I came home to two dead hens. One was 4 years and 10 months old, and the other was only 27 months old. Fine when I left.
The irrigation ditches here were full of bright blue water, according to my neighbor and there were advisories. Apparently 100 people got sick. One dog death, although officials are calling it a coincidence and saying the water was always fine for animals to drink... Does that include small chickens, though???

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