is an only chicken too lonely?


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I had two baby chickens from our 4th grade. It seems more and more that one of them is a rooster. Do you think I can still keep the one hen or will she be too lonely?
I also agree, you need more than one.
thanks for the responses ... we're still not sure, but live in the city and a roo will not be ok.
A friend told me where I could get another hen, possibly close in age
but, for now we're still waiting.
actually i think it depends on how the chicken was raised.
my first chicken was a red production layer that i adopted from the pound. so random i know..... my stupid chihuahua slipped out and got himself impounded and so i went to pick him up (good thing he was microchipped) anyways...
in this little farm area along with couple goats is this random one red hen.
my brother who was only in elementary at the time begs me to take her home...
so i asked... adoption fee $15
ahaahha so i figured eh.. why not... lets try
i adopted her.. i dont know how old she was but she was full grown and had her beak cut as to not hurt us.
she followed us everywhere in the back yard and ate from our hands. when she laid an egg we were so surprised....
we had thought of her as a pet and forgot she was a brother dubbed her chicky
after i got her i started researching on chickens and realized they were flock animals. so i started adopting random hens from other people who coulnd't take care of them as well as 2 roos. (its like chickens rescue agency...hahaah)
anyways.. the other hens and roos who were all from random sources got along very well..they've been raised with other chickens originally too,..
but our chicky never got along with them. she preferred to be with us. even when she slept in the coop with everyone else. ate with them. never pecked them and never got pecked. she let the roos do their job to her and such..
but as soon as we let them free range she would run to us and stay with us the entire time. even when she went to free range she would stay far away from the other hens and stay by herself. she never seemed to socialize..
i just assumed that maybe its because whoever raised her raised her as a pet? and probably kept her as one chick ever since she was young?
so i guess its possible... depending on what they are used to?

i have a modern game bantam right now that prefers to play on her own too..
although i also have a white leghorn who cries at the top of her lungs if she is even for a minute separated from the flock. so it really depends on the animals specifically
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