Is anyone married to a non-chicken lover?


11 Years
Aug 15, 2008
Salina, Utah
Just curious how y'all make it work? Does your wife or hubby HATE chickens or just dislike them? Did your husband or wife used to hate chickens but learn to love them?
My hubby agreed to chickens and likes watching them in the summer with a cold beer in his hand,
but other than that, he's not that into them.
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my hubby hates my chickens... untill it is time to get rid of one... than he is always like.... "but that one is my Fav. you can't sell him"
My husband is not a pet person but I already had 3 dogs and 3 cats when I met him and moved in with him.
Loving me is a package deal ... a pretty big package!
At least the chickens will lay eggs. The horses, goats, dogs, cats, tortoises, guinea pigs and lizard just lay poop.
I'm working on getting our village to allow's an uphill battle and I just make my husband keep his mouth shut because he doesn't want chickens at all. I ramble on about which breeds I want and why and how nice it's going to be to have hens and he either tells me straight to my face that he's not listening, or just zones.

I deal with it the same way I've always dealt with him not liking my menagerie--I ask him why he married me in the first place because he knew about my love of animals, and then forge on ahead. He just suffers and grumbles.
Its about the same here. He will help me if I ask. Also if I don't feel well he will take care of them, but I know if he didn't have me, he wouldn't have chickens!!
Hubbins was from the city where I was born and raised on a farm. So imagine his shock when he found out that I wasn't leaving my farm life behind when we were married. "Thats right Honey, ALL my critters are coming to the new place with us...Yep thats right ALL 21 of them, whats that? Oh yes the chickens too." He wasn't a bit happy about having to fence in his motorcycle track and build sheds. But I only took up 4 acres of his 6...He still had 2 acres to ride on. I knew right then and there that he truly loved me. His favorite critter we have is the Fainting Goat for the obvious reason. But he will remind me to feed "his" Turkens on my way out. Go figure.
My dh is ok with them. But he doesnt love them like my dd and I do.

But he was raised with only "traditional" pets ie cat and dog.
The fact he bought a little dwarf rabbit at one of the Chicken Stocks is a HUGE thing. The fact he actually carries this/his rabbit around the house is even more amazing. One step at a time
These are great posts! I love how the men change their minds after a while and call the chickens, "their's". Too funny!

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