Is artificial grass ok to use for ducks?

Jul 11, 2022
Hello everybody, I have ducks that are 2 weeks old, I have them in a brooder right now and they are starting to be more messy, the pine chippings is a lot of maintenance and I just don't have the time to constantly replace the chippings, so I was wondering if I can use artificial grass instead of pine chippings for bedding. If someone can answer the following questions that would be nice.

What would happen if my ducks try to eat the artificial grass?
Would they get poisoned from eating it?
Would the artificial grass get to hot under the heat lamp?
What type of artificial grass should I get If I get some?
Thank you!
One more question, would the artificial grass get to hot under a heat lamp?

For whoever answers my questions please answer just the questions thank you!

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