is brooding a bad thing?

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    Hello, I'm very new to this. I have 5 laying hens and no rooster. We have more than enough eggs so I am not planning on adding to the flock at this time. I have one hen that is just one year old and appears to be brooding, spends all her time on the nest. When I remove her she will go out to eat but races back asap. My question is this. Do I need to break her of this or will it run its course? I have two other nest for the other girls to use although they so seem to be less productive just as this brooding behavior began. Thanks for any advise.
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    I let mine run its course and just move them to get to the eggs. I have alot though so if I have one or two not laying, it's not a big deal. Many people have "methods" to break broody hens. I guess it depends how quickly you want them back laying?
  3. If you aren't worried about the loss of eggs because when she is brooding they will cease then just let her be. It's hormonal and will run its course. Generally speaking they hatch eggs after 21 days and then can start laying again 2 weeks up to as many 6 weeks after they hatch chicks.

    Now, all this being said, there are some hens that stay broody until they reach their goal...hatching out chicks! If you can get her some fertile eggs it may help her to complete the cycle. You can always sell the chicks after.

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