Is broody always bad?

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Apr 8, 2011
Hello! We have 4 hens all laying very well this spring. We have them as pets and for the eggs. No roosters.

My question is about one of our hens being broody. I left the inside light on over night last week and I think that got them a bit out of sorts. One hen, our Jersey Giant had been broody for the past three days. We let them free range in our yard for a few hours a day, I take the broody one out of the nesting box (she is really sweet and complies easily). She wonders around the yard for a bit then goes back into the nesting box. I am able to remove all eggs. (the other hens kind of join her in the nesting box to lay thier eggs.) So my question is this: is it necessary to "break" this behavior? Or will she get over it in time? Is there any danger in her sitting on the nest most of the time?

Thanks so much, I always get such great help for you all!!
is it a bad thing.... maybe. she will eventually get over being broody. but the reason she gets over it is because she either hatches chicks or her health gets low enough for her to decide to "save herself and try again later." unfertalized eggs will never hatch. there isn't really that much danger in it unless she is an older hen. the process stresses their system but they are designed for this stress. if you want more chickens you could get some fertalized eggs for her, or buy a few chicks and give them to her at night. first option takes 21 days to break her the other takes about 3 days or less. you could also put her in a box with no nesting material. this might or might not work. we always use our broodys so it is a good thing for us. but the best way i have found to break on is to put her in a box with a roo. after a day or 2 she wants nothing to do with setting. but if you have no roo that isn't an option. hope that helps.
Thanks for the reply. We don't want anymore chickens right now. She is just over a year old, so I guess we just wait it out for a bit. I am hoping by taking her off the nest several times a day, and removing all the eggs she will get over it. Or I guess we will have to put her in a grate for a few days.

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