iS evie bottom of the pecking order ?

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    Sep 8, 2010
    i often sit with my chickens ( big coop )and chat to them as they potter about, one by one they will all jump on my lap for a cuddle and hopefully some treats, Evie my grey speckledy dosnt, she runs about around my feet until i pick her up and she snuggles down for a cuddle, she is such a sweet girl, very prim and proper, when i chuck out scratch she saunters over quite casual like, were as the others go steaming in for the best pickings, also i notice that my RIR gives her a peck on the head sometimes, not nastily but sort of telling her to get out the way, also , she is always first to go to roost and sits there while the others take their time joining her, so chicken people , is she bottom of the pack or have i got it totally wrong and its the other way round, they are all a year old, all lay every day, now and again one will have a day's rest, i bought them all together as pol so they are pretty good pals. love this forum, and thanks in advance for any input.
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    Jul 18, 2010
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    Could be she is on the low end of the totem pole,but it might just be her personality as well. All my big girls have their own personalities that vary greatly,and a rooster that knows I'm the boss and not him but he likes to challenge my son. Some don't mind being picked up and some run like the dickens. Have 2 that run thru you to get out the door. Got 6 new chicks that are almost 8 weeks and already have very different personalities. Although the pecking order has not been established,they are all unique. One of my Buff Orps jumps right on your hand and makes her way to the shoulder and plunks her tail feathers down. There will always be the competition for food even when there is more than enough to go around. [​IMG]
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    May 13, 2010
    Definitely have their own personalities! I have one RIR hen who I call Lil' Audrey because she is ALWAYS where she shouldn't be! She is so much of a busy body that we have to move her out of the way of power tools because she can't stop looking to see what we are doing!

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