Is fermenting scratch grains worth it?

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    May 1, 2014
    So I've been seeing lots of success stories about using fermented feed and I'm wondering if it's worth a try. I hear it makes the feed more digestible for the birds and can cut feed costs (Money is always a concern. *sigh* chicken math). I'm seeing lots of bits of undigested feed in their poops, so I'm sorely tempted to try it. I know the general procedure of how to ferment feed, but my questions are more nutritional. Right now my current daily feeding regimen is: a 80/20 blend of dry grower/finisher crumbles (nobody is laying yet) and cracked corn, about a half gallon of table scraps, a couple handfuls of wild bird seed as a treat, and anything they find free ranging (plus unlimited clean water of course). I have a flock of 27. I've heard of people fermenting scratch grains and supplementing with vitamins. So here's the proposed new feeding scheme: fermented scratch grains, table scraps, free ranging, occasional bird seed treats, and crushed oyster shell for anyone who wants it as they get older. My main concern is will they be getting everything they need? Do you think they'll be able to fill in any gaps in their diet by free ranging? We have a two acre yard and are surrounded by woods, so they have plenty of open spaces and opportunities to find goodies. What is your fermented feed feeding plan? What do you recommend? Has anybody tried this arrangement and had success? If my birds are happy, then so am I!

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