Is having a big chicken coop okay for small flock?


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Oct 23, 2018
Hi all,

Right now my coops dimensions are: 76L x 28.75D x 44.25H in. This includes a lower level run and then an upstairs enclosure with roosting boxes (I’ve attached a photo). The coop is advertised as being for 4 chickens.

I currently have 4 silkie hens (about 7 months old) and am planning on adding 2 more in the Spring.

I am looking to have a family friend custom build me a bigger coop - especially with the Winter weather approaching.

Is it bad to have a big coop with only 4 hens? Will this hinder them more than help? Is it better to be in a smaller space for them to snuggle together in the colder months?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!!


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My coops dimensions are: 76L x 28.75D x 44.25H in.

Knock off two inches depth for wall, and you're a little more than two feet across. 76 inches length = about two and a half feet long, once you knock off the nest box and the "run." [EDT: Make that two feet long. That makes a four-foot square space. That's not a coop. That's an isolation pen for sick birds.]

I might keep four Old English Game bantams in a coop that size. Definitely go bigger; my chickens would be killing each other in there over the winter.
Our coop I made is really big for the amount of chickens (9) we currently have its 12' x 14'. We plan on getting more in the spring when other breeds are available. There is plenty of room for them to spread out with a couple roosting bars and 9 nesting boxes. After having a small prefab coop they seem to prefer the bigger square footprint they have in the big coop. In my opinion neither is better for chicken housing, less pecking/bickering issues.
I’m in NH!
Another thing to keep in mind that if snow sticks around all winter and you get storms, than there can be days and even weeks where your chickens will not want to go out. So the coop needs to be big enough for them to move around, and keep busy, otherwise you could start to see problems. Bored birds can become troublemakers.

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